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Share3 ‚Ar : Street‘ is a Hip-Hop festival dedicated for emerging talents from the Levant (Sham) area in the middle east.

From the streets of Damascus, Beirut and other cities in the Levant, people raised their voices for freedom & human rights. In this respect, Rap & Hip-Hop artists got influenced by this movement and endeavored to put their craft together to initiate a cultural movement which resonates with the folks' experiences and their demands in the street.

Share3 will give these artists a platform to present their talents, share their stories and to push this cultural movement in the Levant as well in Europe where many people (including artists) from the Levant found a new place where they could express themselves freely.

The program will include the finest Rap & Hip-Hop acts as well as discussion sessions, street food and House & Techno Beats for the afterparty.

Line up:
Ibn Hoari
The Synaptik


Veranstalter*innen: Das Schu Fi Ma Fi Kollektiv in Kooperation mit dem zakk