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When Jet moved house at the end of lockdown he discovered that he had a very unusual new neighbour.
Indeed, there was a turkey living in the next door neighbour’s garden, a very, very vocal (day & night) kind of bird. Many a ‘cup of tea’ in the garden was spoilt by this noisy Meleagridinae (google it). Something had to be done, so Jet prepared his beloved cat and dog (the rebels) to embark on ‘an over the fence assassination.

His wife, on finding out Jet’s intention intervened at the 11th hour and ordered him to ‘hold back the rebels’.
No turkeys were hurt in the making of this beautiful 7 inch single and tour.
The neighbourly dispute was resolved peacefully.
Gobble gobble gobble.

Only 500 copies of ‘Hold Back The Rebels’ will be pressed on 7 inch eco vinyl.
They can only be bought at a live show in 2024 so please buy your gig ticket now to avoid missing out.
We can’t wait to see you in 2024 Shuffle Army ❤️

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